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LOGO-Radio-Rentals-Group-South-AustraliaRadio Rentals Group is an iconic South Australian based retailers of electrical goods, electronic technology, and furniture. With many stores scatter across South Australia and many branches under the RT Edwards banner in Queensland, Radio Rentals Group (RRG) certainly has an extensive footprint across the country and are a force to be reckoned with. With a strong history of providing innovative equipment rental agreements, RRG still lead the way in providing rent-to-buy and equipment leasing solutions whilst still offering traditional cash purchase arrangements. For more information visit

the initial problem/need

Radio-Rentals-CCTV-Solutions_0065Radio Rentals Group were already convinced that CCTV was a key tool in curbing ‘shrinkage’ – theft and shop lifting whilst also covering off on many other business issues such as staff movements, stock movements, general security of their properties and staff. However, Radio Rentals Group did not have a CCTV video surveillance system that was able to deliver the desired outcomes satisfactorily. RRG did have CCTV systems but each system was stand-alone and the manufacturers used were different in many cases. RRG management sought a replacement solution that could be centrally managed and monitored from their head office by dedicated security staff. RRG also sought a system that was able to allow granular control of user access to the CCTV systems across their corporate network. Furthermore, RRG sought a solution that was able to provide a long video retention period. RRG sought competitive tenders from security providers and finally selected Secure Zone due to their proven experience in the space, they were a fully licensed company to provide both security and electrical services, whilst also being technically competent with the ICT aspects of the CCTV Video Surveillance system and its integration to their corporate LAN.

the challenges


360 Degree Camera in Panorama Mode

The core challenges with this project were;

  • minimising camera count (and thus costs) whilst maximising coverage across the site
  • deploying the solution across the corporate network

As a response to challenge 1, Secure Zone utilised 360 degree IP-CCTV camera technology in areas such as showrooms. This enabled the camera count and associated cabling to be minimised whilst still ensuring that the site was effectively covered. In regards to the second challenge, Secure Zone worked closely with the in-house ICT team to roll out video management system (VMS) software and to develop a configuration deployment mechanism to aid simple user initiation and future updates.

The challenge with all installations that require cabling and other such physical installation is minimising the impact on the business operations and clients alike. The installation occurred during normal business hours but great care was taken to ensure that installation staff did not impact the clients and staff of RRG.


NVR, Patching & Monitoring Equipment

the solution

The technology included;

  • 32-Channel Network Video Recorder (NVR)
  • IP Cameras – 360 degree 3 Megapixel (MP) – internal use
  • IP Cameras – 3 Megapixel (MP) Dome style – internal use
  • IP Cameras – 5 Megapixel (MP) Dome style – IP rated for external use
  • Cat 6 communications grade cabling
  • POE Managed Ethernet switching
  • LED surveillance monitors
  • Equipment Cabinet
  • Connection & integration to corporate network (LAN)
  • Connectivity of LAN based clients using iVMS software
  • Connectivity of remote clients such as iOS devices

how the solution was implemented


5MP IP Camera, Close Up

During the installation process the installers took great care to use drop sheets, orange cones, the wearing of high viz clothing along with all standard Job Safety Analysis and Safe Work Method Statements documentation. Elevated Work Platforms were used to ensure camera and cabling installation took place in a safe and effective manner. Two cabling consolidation points were selected – one on ground floor and one on level one. All UTP Cat 6 camera cabling was reticulated back to the local communications cabinets where POE Ethernet switching equipment was also housed. The main network video recorder (NVR) was housed within the main server room within 19″ communications cabinets. The footage, both live and pre-recorded was available on any PC connected to the corporate LAN via Hikvision’s iVMS software or remotely via iPad or iPhone.

the outcomes

The outcomes provided to Radio Rentals Group staff included;

  • high resolution camera images across the store – both front of house, back of house, car parks and perimeter
  • 360 camera images with virtual pan-tilt-zoom images in select locations
  • better positioning of cameras to maximise the views achieved
  • clear LED monitors that are energy efficient whilst providing sharp and high res images
  • better installation practices ensuring that all cameras, monitors and related cabling infrastructure were installed safely, and neatly and in a professional workman like manner

customers’ feedback


5MP IP Camera, Loading Dock

A verbal customer reference is available upon request – please speak to Secure Zone for the relevant contact details.

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