Important Changes to Security Alarm Monitoring

Multipath-T4000-Lite-CommunicatorMany alarm panels that are installed in commercial premises are monitored using communication hardware that provides multiple communication paths back to the central monitoring station. Most of these dialers use the mobile network and many of them use the 2G band. This may effect you and your alarm system, so please take note.

On 1 Dec 2016 Telstra will shut down it’s 2G mobile network. On 1 Apr 2017 Optus will follow suit.

Don’t get caught out with alarm dialers that do not continue to work or become seriously compromised through the loss of a valid communication path.

We can upgrade your alarm and security monitoring services to 3G and IP and we can do this for many brands of alarm panel. We have a range of great plans that mean your alarm is always on-line and monitoring messages are delivered instantly to the central station. Plans start from as low as $10 per month.

If you do not know if you will be affected by this change, please call our technical support line and talk to one of our product specialists to find out more. Call 1300 852 856

When you call, please have the following information available;

  • Alarm panel type (make/model)
  • The name of your current monitoring centre
  • The name of your alarm service provider / installation company